Programs (Page 3)

The Orchae

The Orchae By Vivienne Glance June 11, 2015 Science Center, CUNY Graduate Center Directed by Gerald vanHeerden With: Elizabeth Elson, Margen Soliman, Ross Pivec, Donna Lee Michaels, Jody Lyn Flynn, Ethan Itzkow, Kevin Hauver    

Unexplored Territory: Instant Harmony/Leaving Nic/Untitled By Scott Lipshitz

Unexplored Territory: Three New Plays September 16, 2014 The New York Public Library, Hudson Park Branch Instant Harmony by Joe Starzyk Directed by Valerie Adami With: Brad Makarowski, Michael Edmund, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard E. Waits, Stephanie Wortel Leaving Nic by Connie Schindewolf Christen Omantra Callahan With: Elizabeth York, Richard E. Waits Untitled By Scott Lipshitz by Joseph Rubanoff…

Farm Hall

Farm Hall* By David C. Cassidy *Produced as part of Break A Leg’s “In The Works” play development series. July 15, 19 & 20, 2014 World Premiere: Full Production featured as part of the 2014 Midtown International Theatre Festival Directed by Gerald vanHeerden With: Scott Glascock, Kevin Hauver, Keith Herron, Terrence Keene, Miller Lide, Terrance Montgomery,…

The Square Root of Love

The Square Root of Love by Daniel Meltzer February 18, 2014 The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch Directed by: Gerald vanHeerden With: Bruce Barton, Chandler Bishop, Patt Nardone, Margen Solimon, Donna Lee Michaels, Stewart Schneck, Keelie A. Sheridan