Hope Springs Eternal Video Festival 2021

Break A Leg is getting ready for our Hope Springs Eternal Festival!

These are short plays to be videotaped under covid safety protocols! Look for them in May and June right here on Instagram, on Facebook, our website and Youtube channel!

Blame It On Barbie

Arianna Rose






Mother/daughter communication goes slightly awry in this homage to scenic designers and their childhood inspirations.
Written by Arianna Rose
Starring Yelena Friedman & Catherine Anne Gale
Directed by Valerie Adami Juhlin

Dinner Talk

Marc Weiner







Marriage inevitably changes and hopefully with a little spice, rejuvenates.
Written by Marc Weiner
Starring Teri Black & Richard Litt
Directed by Valerie Adami Juhlin

Hope Springs A Turtle

Brohaugh & Holt

An unconventional caregiver spins a peculiar yarn to draw out a troubled young patient.
Written by Bill Brohaugh and Lisa Holt
Starring Valerie Adami Juhlin & Kelsey Sentiero
Directed by Peter Burford

Tree Hugger

Jasmine Speiss







The unusual act of a stranger changes a grieving woman’s view of what it means to connect.
Written by Jasmine Spiess
Starring Valerie Johnston Mitchell & Elizabeth York
Directed by Peter Burford