Oxygen by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann November 14, 2011 Baruch Performing Arts Center – Part of the Marie Curie Nobel Centennial Symposium Directed by: Christopher Bellis With:Teri Black, Margen Soliman, Elizabeth Elson, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard Waits, Bruce Barton, Don Juhlin

Chasing Manet

Chasing Manet By Tina Howe November 5, 2011 The New York Public Library, Epiphany Branch Library Directed by: Gerald vanHeerden With:Teri Black, Michael Edmund, Elizabeth Elson, Catherine Anne Gale, Julia Lema, Jerry Vermilye, Richard Waits

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder In Shakespeare and the Bible A Ringing of Doorbells Queens of France May 7, 2011 The New York Public Library, Columbus Library Directed by: Phil Garfinkel With: Nicole Aiken, Renzo Ampuero, Teri Black, Donna Lee Michaels, Don Juhlin, Wendy Scott, Elizabeth York