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King, Queen, Pawn

Queen, King, Pawn by Jim Sampson was chosen for the online Playwrights Platform as part of Break A Leg’s Historically Speaking Series. Directed by Gerald vanHeerden Featuring: Carla Birkhofer, Colin Dwyer, Cathy Gale, Eric Kuzmuk, Mat Labotka , Valerie Mitchell,  Sara Taylor, Robert Tekavec, Kelsey Senteio It is October of 1428, and the English have just laid…

Hope Springs Eternal Video Festival 2021

Welcome To The Hope Springs Eternal Festival! These are short plays with an uplifting theme videotaped under Covid safety protocols! Blame It On Barbie Mother/daughter communication goes slightly awry in this homage to scenic designers and their childhood inspirations. Written by Arianna Rose Starring Yelena Friedman & Catherine Anne Gale Directed by Valerie Adami Juhlin…

Unexplored Territory: Instant Harmony/Leaving Nic/Untitled By Scott Lipshitz

Unexplored Territory: Three New Plays September 16, 2014 The New York Public Library, Hudson Park Branch Instant Harmony by Joe Starzyk Directed by Valerie Adami With: Brad Makarowski, Michael Edmund, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard E. Waits, Stephanie Wortel Leaving Nic by Connie Schindewolf Christen Omantra Callahan With: Elizabeth York, Richard E. Waits Untitled By Scott Lipshitz by Joseph Rubanoff…

Unexplored Territory: The Color of Kettles/The Bargain/The Crabbes

Unexplored Territory:Three New Plays November 2, 2013 New York Public Library, Bloomingdale Branch The Color of Kettles by Matthew Heftler – Directed by Valerie Adami The Bargain by Joel Fishbane – Directed by Elizabeth Elson The Crabbes by Roy Proctor – Directed by Rosemary Hopkins With: Bruce Barton, Chandler Bishop, Teri Black, Nina Covalesky, Donna Lee Michaels, Roberta…

Life Is Short

Life Is Short: A Collection Of One Act Plays By Craig Pospisil January 31, 2013 The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch Directed by: Gerald vanHeerden With: Teri Black, Scott Glascock, Nicole Aiken, Susan Richard, Doug Chapman, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Elizabeth York

Isn’t It Romantic

Isn’t It Romantic By Wendy Wasserstein November 3. 2012 The New York Public Library, Bloomingdale Library Branch Directed by: Gerald vanHeerden With: Elizabeth York, Anna Wallace-Deering, Arthur Atkinson, Teri Black, Richard Litt, Marty Clarke, Michael Edmund, Douglas Chapman

Senior Moments

Senior Moments: A Collection of One Acts  By Frederick Stroppel April 25, 2012 Benefit Performance – Episcopal Actors Guild Hall January 21, 2012 Episcopal Actors Guild Hall Directed by Gerald vanHeerden With: Teri Black, Richard Litt, Don Juhlin, Roberta Platt, Wendy Scott, Susan Richard (1/21), Elizabeth York (4/25)

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder In Shakespeare and the Bible A Ringing of Doorbells Queens of France May 7, 2011 The New York Public Library, Columbus Library Directed by: Phil Garfinkel With: Nicole Aiken, Renzo Ampuero, Teri Black, Donna Lee Michaels, Don Juhlin, Wendy Scott, Elizabeth York