Earth Day Expo 2024


 was held at

CUNY Graduate Center 365 5th Avenue @34th Street Room 4102 with Special Guest talk backs

Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin and Peter Burford

* Member of Actor’s Equity Association

All photos were taken at the event

Before We Burn by Allie Costa
“Before We Burn” by Allie Costa with Chrysten Peddie* and Kelly Jean Clark*
Synopsis: In this time-bending tale, two women learn the fate of the land is in their hands.
Allie Costa is an actor, writer, director, and singer working in film, TV, theatre, and voiceover. Her acting credits include Spring Awakening, 90210, You Me & Her, and Alien vs. Musical. Her work has been produced internationally, including Two Girls, Boxes Are Magic, and Music of the Mind. Occasionally, she sleeps.
Dirt Farm by Scott Carter Cooper
“Dirt Farm”  by Scott Carter Cooper with Timothy Paul Jobe, Cameron Taylor*, Don Decarlo*, and Kristyn  Kozcur*
Synopsis: The southeastern part of Nebraska has been discovered as the United States’ richest area for niobium, a mineral that will aid in the battle against climate change. However, the mining of this mineral will destroy the way of life of the area residents. The possibility of imminent wealth puts life-long friends at odds.
Scott Carter Cooper is a Chicago-based playwright whose work is tailored to small professional companies with diverse ensembles looking for economical plays to produce. His short-form pieces have been successful with several local companies including American Blues, The Artistic Home, Chicago Dramatists, and The Lightbulb Factory as well as nationally and beyond. Cooper holds a BFA – Theatre from Drake University and an MA – Writing from DePaul University.
It’s Elemental by Arianna Rose
“It’s Elemental”   by  Arianna Rose with Valerie  Mitchell-Johnston, Timothy Paul Jobe, Perryn Pomatto*, and Kelly Jean Clark*
Synopsis: The gods of  earth, air, water and fire gather to determine the earth’s fate.  Everyone must confront their passions and prejudices as they prepare to vote.

Arianna Rose is an award-winning playwright and musicals writer, produced in 35 states and 9 countries. 2022 Kennedy Center Playwriting Intensive and William Inge Play Festival participant. M.F.A., NYU Tisch Musical Theatre Writing Program.  Her plays and monologues have been published by Applause Books and Smith & Kraus. 

New York, 2098 by Kaley Mamo

“New York 2098” by Kaley Roth Mamo with Alison Quin* and Martikah Williams

Synopsis: Polar opposite classmates Antoinette and Beth are stuck in a classroom as their school sinks. While Beth searches for a way out, Antoinette searches for a way to die with dignity, and their two perspectives inevitably come to a head.

Kaley Mamo is a playwright and screenwriter from Katonah, New York. She earned her BA in Film and Media Studies from Columbia University. She is a current MFA candidate in Dramatic Writing at NYU Tisch School of the Arts, where she writes futuristic stories for the present moment. She lives in Brooklyn.
Splish Splash by Charles Leipart
“Splish Splash” By Charles Leipart with Alison Quin* and Perryn Pomatto*
Synopsis:A couple sit on their high-rise balcony in their galoshes observing the effects of a rising sea level and climate change.
The Kvetching Tree by Helen Cheng Mao
Playwright Helen Mao with Valerie Adami-Juhlin
“The Kvetching Tree” By Helen Mao with Chrysten Peddie*
Synopsis: Inspired by Shel Silverstein’s classic The Giving Tree,“The Kvetching Tree” explores the lifelong friendship between a tree and a child. Over many years, they spend time together while the tree offers advice, sets limits, and engages the person in an ongoing discussion about the environment.
Helen Cheng Mao has written and performed in plays and monologues produced in the US and UK. She also instructs communications and clinical skills to medical students as a standardized patient and physical exam teaching assistant. Helen can be reached at See her work on her Youtube Channel.

April 18: Dr. Veeshan Narinesingh | Topic:Weather and Climate Physicist, Princeton

 April 19:Bryan Norcross | Topic: On-Air Hurricane Specialist, Fox weather