Love Festival 2024

Love Festival 2024 

Polaris North 245 W 29th St. 4th Fl. New York, NY 10001

on Friday Feb. 9th at 7PM and Saturday Feb. 10th at 2PM

8 NEW plays Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin & Peter Burford with Kyle Brennan, Andreas Casso, Jessica Grant*, Keith Herron*, Russell Jordan*, August Kublin, Aaron McMillian, Valerie Mitchell, Anne Pasquale*, Maria Payares,Gloria Phillips*, Perryn Pommatto*,  Kelsey Senteio*, Sara Taylor* and Elizabeth York

* Member of Actor’s Equity Association

Plays in order of performance

All photos taken at event.

GAY.I. by Tom MIsuraca

Directed by Peter Buford

Synopsis: Before a play one evening, Vince introduces his friends to his new boyfriend, John. But John is not what he seems to be. Vince’s friends are concerned about the authenticity of this romance. Can it be true love if there is no free will? But perhaps Vince and John will prove that artificial intelligence can blossom into real love.

Bio: Boston native Tom Misuraca studied writing at Emerson College before moving to Los Angeles. He is a multi-award winning playwright with over 150 short plays and thirteen full-lengths produced globally. His musical, GEEKS!, was produced Off Broadway in 2019.



Directed by Peter Buford

Synopsis: Reginald and Mary Sue are college students who like each other. Well, sort of.

Bio: Peter Mitsopoulos was born and raised in San Diego, California and still lives there. He has had a few one-acts produced in his local area. He is an Air Force veteran.

PRETTY –by Michelle Giusto


Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin

Synopsis: Josephine is a recluse college professor desperately trying to edit a recent paper she’s written when she is visited by the office’s custodial engineer, Tony. Enamored by Josephine, Tony tries to engage her in conversation. While she’s initially reluctant, she has a long-silenced soft spot for Tony that she’s unable to internalize. Through their discourse, she’s pleased to have the chance to pour her heart out to him, and their innocent banter becomes something more intimate.

Bio: Michelle Giusto is a teacher/writer hybrid from Levittown, NY. Twenty of Michelle’s original plays have been selected for national and international theater festivals, presented in live and virtual formats. She lives with her husband, Stephen, her children, Maria and Vincent, and her lovable tuxedo cat, Jackson.

FUTURE WAR by Maximilian Gill

Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin

Synopsis: Emily thinks her fancy new dating app will find her the perfect match, but she and her date are completely unprepared for what it reveals about their future together.

Bio: Maximillian Gill received his master’s in creative writing in California. He is currently based in New York. His work has been staged by a number of companies and festivals in the U.S., the UK, and Canada. Much of his work can be read on New Play Exchange.

IN THE NAME OF LOVE by Enid Cokinos

Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin

Synopsis: When Kathleen confronts her mother about using an online dating service, she opens a Pandora’s Box regarding her parents’ marriage and doubts about her own impending nuptials. Is Kathleen just experiencing cold feet? Or is her parents’ bizarre situation what she’s needed to face the truth?

Bio: Enid Cokinos is excited to be included in Break a Leg Productions’ 2024 “Love Fest.” Enid’s plays have been performed across the U.S., and she is a member of the Dramatists Guild, Indiana Playwrights Circle, and Indiana Writers Center. Enid lives online at and her plays can be found on

THE SPECIMENS by Donna Romankow Boyd


Directed by Peter Buford

Synopsis: Extraterrestrial visitors are on a journey to discover what humans value the most on Earth. Will they succeed in their mission before time runs out?

Bio: Donna Romankow Boyd is excited to make her NYC playwriting debut at the Love Festival! A former attorney from New Jersey, Donna recently studied playwriting at the Primary Stages Einhorn School of Performing Arts. She is also an accomplished pianist and is currently writing an original musical song cycle.

ONCE UPON A DREAM by Bridgette Dutta Portman

Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin

Synopsis: Three fairy-tale heroines meet at a sleep study institute. Can they discover the source of their sleep-related maladies…and their true loves?

Bio: Bridgette Dutta Portman is an award-winning playwright and novelist based in the San Francisco Bay Area. More than two dozen of her plays have been produced locally, nationally, and overseas. She is a board member at the Pear Theatre and a member of the Pear Writers’ Guild and the Dramatists’ Guild.


Directed by Valerie Adami-Juhlin

Synopsis: To cross the room and meet a stranger or not to cross the room. That is the question.

Bio: F. J. Hartland holds an MFA in Playwriting from Carnegie-Mellon University where he was a Shubert Fellow. His plays have been published by Concord, Next Stage Press, and Original Works to name a few. In addition to playwriting, F.J. has been a professional actor (AEA member) since 1991.