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Don Juhlin

Break A Leg mourns the passing of our beloved company member Don Juhlin. For more than ten years, Don performed in numerous BAL readings including The Retirement Plan by Robin Pond, The Good Doctor by Neil Simon, Farm Hall by David C. Cassidy, And The Sun Stood Still by Dava Sobel, Senior Moments by Frederick Stropell, Oxygen by Carl Djerassi & Roald Hoffmann, An…

Farm Hall

Farm Hall By David C. Cassidy February 15, 2013 Science Center, CUNY Graduate Center Directed by: Gerald vanHeerden With: Teri Black, Bruce Barton, Jarel Davidow, Arthur Atkinson, Terrence Keene, Scott Glascock, Richard Z. Ross, Don Juhlin, Catherine Anne Gale This performance marked the first staged reading of this play which was developed through Break A Leg…

Senior Moments

Senior Moments: A Collection of One Acts  By Frederick Stroppel April 25, 2012 Benefit Performance – Episcopal Actors Guild Hall January 21, 2012 Episcopal Actors Guild Hall Directed by Gerald vanHeerden With: Teri Black, Richard Litt, Don Juhlin, Roberta Platt, Wendy Scott, Susan Richard (1/21), Elizabeth York (4/25)


Oxygen by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann November 14, 2011 Baruch Performing Arts Center – Part of the Marie Curie Nobel Centennial Symposium Directed by: Christopher Bellis With:Teri Black, Margen Soliman, Elizabeth Elson, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard Waits, Bruce Barton, Don Juhlin

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder

An Afternoon of Thornton Wilder In Shakespeare and the Bible A Ringing of Doorbells Queens of France May 7, 2011 The New York Public Library, Columbus Library Directed by: Phil Garfinkel With: Nicole Aiken, Renzo Ampuero, Teri Black, Donna Lee Michaels, Don Juhlin, Wendy Scott, Elizabeth York