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THE LOVE FESTIVAL 2022! This February we bring back a favorited video series celebrating Valentine’s Day! Each week we will release one filmed play creatively shot that explores the most universal and mystical human experience: LOVE. THE LINEUP: AGE OLD QUESTION by Alan Magill Timeless love blooms until they find out each other’s ages and…

A Pound On Demand

A Pound On Demand: An Evening of O’Casey by Sean O’Casey March 2, 2016 The New York Public Library, Mid-Manhattan Branch Directed by Valerie Adami With: Jodi Lyn Flynn, Brad Makarowski, Colin Dwyer, Michele Fulves, Ethan Itzkow    

Unexplored Territory: Instant Harmony/Leaving Nic/Untitled By Scott Lipshitz

Unexplored Territory: Three New Plays September 16, 2014 The New York Public Library, Hudson Park Branch Instant Harmony by Joe Starzyk Directed by Valerie Adami With: Brad Makarowski, Michael Edmund, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard E. Waits, Stephanie Wortel Leaving Nic by Connie Schindewolf Christen Omantra Callahan With: Elizabeth York, Richard E. Waits Untitled By Scott Lipshitz by Joseph Rubanoff…