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Oxygen by Carl Djerassi and Roald Hoffmann November 14, 2011 Baruch Performing Arts Center – Part of the Marie Curie Nobel Centennial Symposium Directed by: Christopher Bellis With:Teri Black, Margen Soliman, Elizabeth Elson, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Richard Waits, Bruce Barton, Don Juhlin

All The World’s A Stage, Two Theatrical Comedies

All The World’s A Stage, Two Theatrical Comedies The Flattering Word by George Kelly The Actor’s Nightmare by Christopher Durang February 1, 2010 The New York Public Library, Jefferson Market Branch Directed by Christopher Bellis With: Teri Black, Bruce Barton, Michael Edmund, Philip Gardiner, Phil Garfinkel, Donna Lee Michaels, Susan Richard, Joan Valentina, Elizabeth York


Reykjavik By Richard Rhodes September 9, 2009 Elebash Recital Hall, CUNY Graduate Center Campus Directed by: Christopher Bellis With: Bruce Barton, Teri Black, Jarel Davidow, Phil Garfinkel, Martha Lopez Gilpin, Scott Glascock, Cyrus Newitt, Steve Parris, Jerry Vermilye

An Evening of David Ives

An Evening of David Ives Variations On The Death of Trotsky The Mystery of Twickman Vicarrage March 30, 2009 Strelsin Theatre, Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex Directed by: Christopher Bellis With: Teri Black, Donna Lee Michaels, Phil Gardiner, Elowyn Castle, Scott Glascock, Phil Garfinkel