The Relativity of Love: Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić 

Einstein: Genius, But Not Always A Gentleman..

On January 23, 2018 at the CUNY Graduate Center in Manhattan, Break A Leg Productions will present the very first performance reading of a new play, The Relativity of Love: Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić  by the widely recognized science historian and playwright David C. Cassidy. 

Synopsis:  It’s 1896 at the Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, Switzerland. The new school year is about to begin. A first-year student named Albert Einstein meets Mileva Marić, a courageous young Serbian woman who had already overcome many obstacles to women in science before arriving in Zurich — one of the few places in Europe admitting women to higher education– in order to study physics at the Polytechnic. Albert and Mileva soon fell in love and eventually married, a romance and marriage that spanned Albert’s ascent from a beginning student to the top of his profession by the eve of World War I. But fate was unkind to the lovers, challenging their love and their careers, and bringing upon them both triumph and tragedy. This one-act play is based upon their letters, other documents, and recent biographies.

The Relativity of Love: Albert Einstein and Mileva Marić is part of of BAL’s ongoing “The Art Of Science” series, which has entralled audiences with plays that depict both the complex concepts and real life human stories behind some of the world’s greatest scientific minds and their discoveries.

More details coming soon!